Birth Doula Services

Services and history

I became a Birth Doula in 2022, after training with DONA. My interest in Birthwork started after having my daughter in 2021. I wanted to find a way to offer support to individuals throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. There was a glaringly obvious need for advocacy in my rural hometown-where marginalized communities suffered maternal coercion, gaslighting, being lied to, medical abuse, etc. In 2023, I certified as a Certified Labor Doula with ProDoula. In 2024, I began working with Birthworks International to become a Tricare affiliated doula and to also bring BWI Doulas organizational coverage for Medicaid clients.

Pricing and Coverage

As a Birth Doula, I have made it my goal to make doula care more accessible. After all, EVERY person deserves advocacy and empowerment in their reproductive journeys. This is why I work with varying private insurance companies and group insurance plans to assist in coverage and reimbursement to my clients. I have a National Provider Identification (NPI) number to bill as a provider. I am currently working my way through Medicaid coverage in CO and Tricare affiliation for birth doula service coverage for military families.

Physical Support

Comfort Measures, Acupressure, TENS Therapy, Aromatherapy, Counterpressure, Deep Tissue Massage, Positioning, and more!

Emotional Support

Verbal Affirmations, Motivational Encouragement, Mental Assessments and Management in Labor, Ritual Prompting, Visualization Assistance and Guided Meditation, Hypnobirthing, and more!

Educational Support

Access to immediate knowledge in the case that an alternative plan or route is needed. Navigating interventions, assistance in dystocia, labor progress knowledge, and more!

Postpartum Support

Physical, Emotional, and Educational Support surrounding the postpartum period.

Get in touch

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Client Reviews

Discover what my clients think about my services!

Definitely recommend! She helped me navigate information on tubal removal and other options as permanent firms of birth control. Super knowledgeable, upbeat, and compassionate!

Lakota B.

Maeve at Raven's Nest Birth is an excellent Doula! She is extremely friendly, empathetic, impartial, and has a very positive attitude. I loved knowing her not only as a Doula but also as a person. She truly understands your desires and needs and goes above and beyond to help you achieve them. She is the epitome of a client's advocate. If you're searching for a Doula, Maeve is the one you should go for! I would like to thank her again for her exceptional care and relationship. I couldn't have done any of it without her!

Kirsten G.


Service Region

Servicing Colorado Springs and surrounding cities full time. Servicing Roswell, New Mexico and surrounding cities minimally.

Business Hours
Monday - Friday
9am - 6pm